A TRIBUTE TO ALL FATHERS – “If a picture paints a thousand words, then He’d be a masterpiece work of art”

“Gang, ang title ani nga kanta Gang, kay IP,” (Gang, the title of this song is “IP”), my dad interrupted the conversation as a song played on the radio as he was driving the car.
“Huh?” flabbergasted, we all looked at each other.

Noticing that we did not understand what he meant, he reiterated, “Gang, ang title ani nga kanta kay IP.”  with more intensity to make us understand what he meant.
Still bewildered, we chuckled.
“Gang, kani bah ang title ani nga kanta kay “IP”, IP bah.” but now with emphasis as he was trying to clarify what he meant.
“Unsay IP?” (What is IP?) we asked.
“IP bah, katong (the /song)” “IP a picture paints a thousand words. . . “ we burst into laughter.
We chorused and told him “Basin IF? Dili IP!?”  (Perhaps “IF” not “IP?”)
“Aw, IF diay, pareho ra man na oi”, (oh, it is “IF.”  Just the same). He sheepishly replied and laughed realizing he was betrayed by his accent.

This is just one of the memorable experiences we had with our Dad.  To this day whenever we talked about this incident we still laugh about it.
Our dad loves to tell stories and interests people with his wit, humor and jokes. He loves the old music and simple foods. He loves to read and talk about history. What fascinates me most is his wit and he seems to have an answer for almost everything.  He is like “Kuya Kim,” who has an answer for every question.
He loves to wear his shirts in a tuck-in fashion and loves to wear hat and crocs.  He loves his high-tech cellphone, mostly for taking photos but not selfies.  He loves sports and is a die-hard fan of Manny Pacquio.  He loves basketball and influenced all of us to play tennis too.  He is afraid of heights.

But what does he love the most? Fishing! Earlier we thought he was not an accountant but rather a farmer. But now what runs in him is the blood of a fisherman, born in the mountains but loves to be in the sea.
Our family love to travel. Our dad would invest money just for us to travel. Our most exciting trip was when we circumnavigated the Philippines from Mindanao to Luzon twice. We also circumnavigated Thailand from all directions. The most expensive tour was when we toured Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and recently to Bali.  All of this was single-handedly planned and funded by our great Dad.

Friedrich Nietzsche quoted “Whoever does not have a good father should procure one.” Well, I am fortunate to have a very good father, who supports, listens, cares and loves us indubitably. He even pampers us at our early twenties, and would often baby-talk to us as he carries us one by one from our bedrooms to theirs. Then he would complain, “You are already too heavy for me to carry, so just walk to the bed and sleep there.”  When we all won’t fit on the bed, he would say, “maybe we need a much bigger bed and room or car.”
He taught us how to value money.  Once we ventured in a business  which turned out to be a loss. But he just simply said, “Gang, now you’ve learned how hard it is to earn money, so you must learn how to save money.” He taught us how to do hard labor, usually if not every day, he would ask us to weed the garden, to plant seeds, and clean some stuff.  He taught us that nothing in life will come if not through hard labor and with diligence and patience. He taught us day to day living or survival techniques, like fixing some broken things, plumbing or small trivial things we need to be better in this world.
They said that you could not find a perfect father. But to me he is a perfect one.

My whole life was incontestably molded by the influence of my dad.  People call him “Mr. Romulo Halasan,” or “Romy,” “Sir Romy,” “Boss Romy,” “Bai Romy,” but to us he is simply called “Daddy,” a fine work of art that is God-sent to us.
Yes, he is our picture that can paint a thousand words!

We love you, Romulo M. Halasan, our very own DADDY!




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