A TRIBUTE TO ALL FATHERS – “If a picture paints a thousand words, then He’d be a masterpiece work of art”

Twee Talks

“Gang, ang title ani nga kanta Gang, kay IP,” (Gang, the title of this song is “IP”), my dad interrupted the conversation as a song played on the radio as he was driving the car.
“Huh?” flabbergasted, we all looked at each other.

Noticing that we did not understand what he meant, he reiterated, “Gang, ang title ani nga kanta kay IP.”  with more intensity to make us understand what he meant.
Still bewildered, we chuckled.
“Gang, kani bah ang title ani nga kanta kay “IP”, IP bah.” but now with emphasis as he was trying to clarify what he meant.
“Unsay IP?” (What is IP?) we asked.
“IP bah, katong (the /song)” “IP a picture paints a thousand words. . . “ we burst into laughter.
We chorused and told him “Basin IF? Dili IP!?”  (Perhaps “IF” not “IP?”)
“Aw, IF diay, pareho ra…

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THOSE LITTLE BITS OF GOOD -random acts of kindness

Kindness is a virtue and a value that is often neglected or even abused today. Nevertheless, kindness should be a part of our lifestyle and not just a mere act—for kindness is an act of love. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued that “kindness and love are the most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse.” Continue reading

Now is the time – a missionary endeavor

Some of my friends came to Philippines to conduct a missionary work here at davao city. They asked me to come and join the group to help for the children’s ministries, in which I obliged.

The missionary work varies from home visitation to medical mission and nightly crusades with Elder Shingi focusing on the topic “Now is the time”.

The week has been an enriching experience, teaching kids how God loves them, and also enhancing their talents and skills. Not only enriching them but as well us.

It is always great to work for the Lord.
God be praised for the success of the program!

And thank you Filipino-Australian community for your endeavors.