Karimun Jawa

During the summer of 2013 our family decided to visit the Island of Karimun Jawa in Central Java, Indonesia.

The island of Karimun Jawa lies 83 kilometers north of Jepara city. It consisted of 27 islands archipelago…

So let me take you with us in our short escapade to this little paradise.

Day 1 (Bandung – Jepara)

Before the break of dawn around 2:30 in the morning, a chilly early morning at our beloved Parongpong we started our adventure. My dad drove our car, tuning in to our music and off to our 13-hour trip to Jepara from where we will board a ferry to the islands of Karimun Jawa in Central Java.

The travel was great(I guess) because I just snooze off myself to wonderland at the backseat. (Evil laughs)

When the sun was up and time for breakfast we slowed down to look for a place to rest by and to have our sumptuous meal prepared by our gracious mom beforehand.

We journeyed and enjoying the scenic scenes of the province and the towns.

After some time we stopped by at Semarang city, a wonderful, well organized and clean city as compared to the other cities at West Java, its streets were not congested with traffic and garbages placed in the right place, I believe that the citizens are well disciplined, and they have a more spacious roads.

We stopped by a small shop along the road to purchase some fishing materials in addition to the ones that we already bought.

Around early in the afternoon we took our exit from Semarang to Jepara around a 2-hour drive.

We passed by rice paddies and farms and some little peaceful villages. We arrived around 4 in the afternoon and we hurried to look for the port where the ferries are docked and inquired for the next trip, to our disappointment there was no ferry that can take its voyage that day because the ferries only travels once a day at 6-8 early in the morning, and to make it worst there are no available ferries to travel even up to the next day due to the bad weather and waves could reach up to 3 meters during that time making it impossible for the ferries to travel.

To relieved ourselves of our disappointment we decided to just book a hotel and stay for another day at Jepara. We stayed at Hotel Jepara Indah which is the biggest hotel in the area. The kind chef delighted us with his specialty menu.

We then rested ourselves after a long day of travel.
Day two

When the sun was still young, we took some time going around the city of Jepara, a simple city with a touch of elegance, taking pride in its picturesque scenic beach and views, peaceful, quiet and clean city.

You can ask the locals because there are more things to do in the city.

Day three

We woke up early the next morning at four o’clock to buy the ticket for the ferry. We were so excited as to not miss the ferry for the next trip will be on tuesday that week if we cannot board the ferry that day.

We arrived at the port before five o’clock and also before the ticketing booth were opened, we parked our car in a rental space provided at the port, my dad anxiously inquired if when can we purchase the ticket for the ferry but of no avail the ticketing agent has not yet arrived, later people rushed in the line thinking that the agent will now distribute the tickets. My dad was also on the line but he had waited long enough and still the agent has not appeared so he then decided to just go back to the car. As my father approached the car my brother told him to hurry and they should go back in the line for the agent has already started distributing the tickets, so my dad again queued back in the line but this time instead being in front he is now at the rear and tickets are being sold so fast and has reached the limit for the passengers because it has been 2 days since the last departure of the ferry so a lot of people are eager to cross.

My dad was in the queue long enough so i fell asleep in the car while waiting. During my sweet short nap i was then awaken when my dad rushed and told us to go now to the ferry because the ferry will now depart and had its last call for the passengers. We hurried and upon arriving at the ferry to our amazement the seats were all taken and some people brought with them mats for them to sleep in the floor. The travel will take up to six hours using the ferry boat but only two hours by speed boat. A lot of people are smoking, crowding and noisily moving around the ferry. My mom found later some seats but only good for two people, “holy cow! How can we stand up during the next six hours?” We were late so we can’t do anything.

My mom with her instincts asked if we could purchase the vip tickets so that we can just stay at the vip lounge which is very comfy and is air-conditioned. With her wits we were able to have a lot more better six-hour voyage.


After more than six hours in the ferry we saw what we taught to be an endless horizon an island, rich in natures sustenance, white sandy shores, fishes swimming around, ———

Upon docking we settled to look for an room to stay. We were able to find a room just near the port an inn named Blue Laguna Inn, a very good inn, with clean facilities and our room is right above the sea waters. We then settled rented out a motorcycle to tour around the island while me and my brother rented a bicycle. It is a small island but the whole area is composed of an archipelago of 25 islands where different activities can be done from fishing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even swimming along with the sharks.

We visited the town and bought their famous specialty, grilled fish but when you taste it, it’s so good that it tasted like chicken.

While eating at the balcony of our room i tried to throw my bait and see if some fish might be caught. I told my family that i will let my fishing rod stand and if it will fall down then it will be our lucky day. After some few minutes my rod suddenly dropped and I told them that our luck has just started. We caught a small fish but worth telling for it has been our first catch and all of us were astounded to the point that we forgot how hungry we were.

We then spend the rest of the evening at the docks for fishing and coming back to the room to relax and PS while making this draft I am enjoying the sea breeze brushing my skin. What a good start for our first day here at karimum jawa.


With full of vigor, excitement and energize from s sound sleep we woke up at half passed four and readied our fishing gears in hope to catch a fish at twilight a got a few. At seven o’clock we had our breakfast and at eight our boat arrived for the island tour. At first we headed off to do some snorkeling, on the way we saw some fisheries for some fish marine products for export and some floating home stay inns. When we arrived at the snorkeling area it was majestic and it confirms to what they say as it is like an aquarium, fishes are crowding and not even afraid of you, our tour guide threw in some food and the fishes will swarm over the food, which made me thinking are they just plenty or they are just that hungry? (LOL) The marine life, its corals, fishes and everything there is is just perfect, it is well preserved and cared for, the marine sanctuary of Karimun Jawa is top-notch. After some time of fishing (for which they allow) and snorkeling, we drove off to an area exclusive for fishing, the fishes over that area are big and colorful as it is also good for food. We only stayed there for a few minutes due to big waves that causes the boat to move a lot and causes some sea discomfort.

The next island that we visited was the best island of all, it is like a paradise surrounded by white sandy shores but around 50 then is a vast coral reef then a deep blue ocean. Due to my excitement i was not able to wait for the boat to dock and just jumped off the boat and swam to the shore. We spend the minutes to have our pictures taken and did again some snorkeling, we had our lunch and my mom dried the fishes that we caught. My dad and my brother wanted to do some fishing so they headed our, got their gears and just stood by the corals, they were not able to get some fish, I did not care for fishing because i was so amazed by the island so i just did some snorkeling, when i went near to my brother i noticed that the coral that he was standing on only 3 feet deep is a feeding ground for the fish so i quickly got my gears too and dropped it there and in less than 1 minute i was able to catch some real big fishes and it continued so on for hours and i caught the biggest during that day.

Little Hawaii is what they call for the next island and it really stood by its name, (although i’ve never been to Hawaii yet) it’s like a mini tropical paradise. We had some snacks in their cafe and did snorkeling and swimming.

It was in the afternoon when we departed to see the highlight of the day in which all of us were anxious and so excited to visit. The next activity is swimming along with the sharks of Karimun Jawa. It was my first time to see some sharks up close and the best part is we get to swim with them…

ROAD TRIP (Tuesday)

The best talk that we can bring home with us is what happened earlier today, we were still tired and still slouching and hiding under the comforts of our blankets, but my dad who is always as ever enthusiastic went out already for fishing at the pier which is just nearby from our hotel. The rest of us were just refreshing and enjoying the cool sea breeze, watching and listening to the waves that rushed to and fro to the bay. When suddenly my dad came in rushing and shouting that we caught a fish, and it was huge. And he was rushing to get the camera to have its photo taken, all of us were amazed that we stopped in whatever we did and rushed with him to the pier. To our amazement the fish that he caught was a Trevalley and it weighed more than 2 kilos, a guy helped in catching the fish for it was a strong fish. All of us were so amazed from my dads success of catching a fish, so far it was the biggest fish that he caught, and he even said that night when scanned the photos that we had during the day that he had never had that big smile since like before.

We then spent the rest of the day going around using a rented motorbike. On the way the tire of my parents motorcycle got flat so we have to go back to the town to have it vulcanize while i went went with my dad and my mom and brother stayed in one of houses in the area where they were able to buy some native Rose Apple which cost us only Rp 10,000. While me and my dad while waiting for the tires to be fixed we refreshed ourselves with some coconut juice.

We drove around the island and saw some dried fish vendors and also bought some dried fish. We spend the rest of our day driving around and hopping from one place to the other.



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